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The 3-Month Reboot

Program for Remote & Hybrid Software Development Teams

Welcome to the Reboot Program! I have developed this program over the years while working with various software development companies. My roles have included Agile Facilitator, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and remote work consultant.

The Challenge

Nowadays, it has become common for development teams to either be fully remote or have a mix of remote and in-person members. Both employees and leaders agree that this way of working can create a sense of disconnection among team members and from the company's culture. The main challenge that remote teams face is the lack of effective communication, which often leads to lack of proper alignment, inadequate social connection and thus sub-optimal performance.

Who is the Program for

Development teams seeking to enhance communication, efficiency, and processes.
Teams that want to improve current remote work dynamics and build rapport
Teams working in Sprints or Kanban wanting to look back at their process seeking improvements
Teams where their members work more or less in isolation rather that having a sense of teamwork


Improve Team Bond : Foster an environment where team members build trust and rapport
Revitalize Team Communication: Transform your Slack/Discord from a silent channel to a hub of active, engaging discussions.
Introduce Regular Facilitated Retrospectives: Develop skills to conduct effective retrospectives, uncovering both minor issues and significant challenges.
Implement Patrick Lencioni’s model for effective meetings (Operational, Tactical, Strategic perspectives)
Track Team Challenges: Identify and address not just surface-level problems but also the 'elephants in the room' making sure the ways team work are tracked and constantly evolve.
Address Psychological Safety: Create a safe space for your team, promoting a sense of security and openness. Psychology of Remote Work is one aspect we focus on during the Program.
Bring in Thematic Tech-Talks: Empower your team to host and participate in tech-talks, enhancing knowledge sharing and continuous learning.

What I bring into the team

My own authored Reboot Methodology based on a decade of experience with remote / hybrid software development teams
Agile Facilitation : my primary responsibility is to ensure that the Agile principles and practices are implemented effectively within the team. This includes facilitating meetings, such as daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives, to help the team collaborate and make progress towards their goals
Individual 1:1s to break the ice: I always start asking the entire team about their current subjective view of the situation using tested in battle surveys to set the baseline for future improvements.
Problem Sensing through Retrospectives: Integration of PDCA, Management 3.0, learning loops, and transformative management best practices
The right toolset for sync & async communication: Having the right set of tools for both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (non-real-time) communication is crucial for remote and hybrid teams. I bring in best practices and tool suggestions.
AI-Enhanced Metrics: as Founder and Developer at - I use technology I created to measure the unmeasurable - leadership styles, team communication patterns, team development phases and more. There is power in knowing where we are as a team at any point in time. And it is hardly just about KPIs and productivity alone.

Critical First 2 Weeks

During the initial two weeks of engagement I get into the flow with the team with a combined individual and group approach:
1/31/2024:Week 1: Setting the Foundation
Leadership Meetings: Confirm expectations, work through the initial survey, and establish the reporting cycle.
Team Hearing: Establish a connection with team members and introduce a satisfaction survey to gauge current sentiments.
Weekly Call with team lead: Maintain regular communication and updates.
Join Team Meetings: Get acclimated with the team's current state through active participation in meetings and familiarization with asynchronous communication channels like Slack to understand teamwork dynamics, identify process gaps, and build trust.
Team Retrospective: Celebrate successes, identify areas for improvement, initiate the practice of distributed agile, and build a shared enthusiasm and psychological safety within the team.
Week 2: Building and Planning
Psychology of Remote Work Workshop: Develop a shared understanding of what makes a distributed team effective, create a common vocabulary, and delve into the psychology of remote work.
Improvement Strategy Check-in: Create a strategic plan outlining objectives for improving teamwork over the next 3, 6, and 12 months.
Presentation on Recommended Improvement Strategy: Provide a clear path forward focusing on process and communication enhancements, teambuilding activities, and additional training for effective remote teamwork.
Design Teamwork Improvement Metrics as OKRs: Establish objective metrics that will be reviewed each sprint to track and measure improvement in teamwork.

About Me

I'm Andy Dobrucki, an Agile Coach, Facilitator and an AI enthusiast passionate about helping software development teams unlock their human potential. With over 10 years of experience in team leadership and facilitation, I have the expertise and insights to transform your team dynamics and elevate performance levels.

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