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Agile Coaching and Facilitation Services Tailored for Remote and Hybrid Development Teams
I'm Andy Dobrucki, an Agile Coach, Facilitator and an AI designer passionate about helping software development teams unlock their true potential. With over 10 years of experience in team leadership and facilitation, I have the expertise and insights to transform your team dynamics and elevate performance levels.
At Synesthesia Solutions, I believe that every team possesses unique strengths and capabilities. My mission is to blend these distinct elements into a harmonious and highly effective whole – just like the interplay of senses in synesthesia. My specialisation area is human connection and in my work I am committed to improve how people interconnect and relate to one another. To me, everything else is a byproduct including team processes and great products these teams create.

How I Can Help Your Team

Building Healthy Communication - One of my key strengths is facilitating the connection and collaboration of remote and hybrid teams. I understand the unique challenges that come with working in distributed environments, and I can provide guidance and support to help teams overcome these challenges and achieve greatness together.
Scrum & Agile Coaching: I work closely with your team to implement Agile methodologies and best practices, fostering a collaborative and adaptable work environment. Together, we'll fine-tune your processes, streamline communication, and develop a strong, self-sufficient team.
Meeting Facilitation : I design and facilitate workshops and trainings tailored to your team's needs, covering topics such as remote work, team building, and psychological safety. These engaging sessions are designed to equip your team with practical tools and strategies to excel in their roles.
Continuous Improvement: With a strong focus on continuous improvement, we'll establish key metrics and reporting cycles to track your team's progress. Through regular feedback and iterative adjustments, we'll ensure your team is always moving forward and optimizing their performance.

My Approach

My approach is grounded in research-backed methodologies and a wealth of practical experience. We draw inspiration from various fields, such as complex systems theory, Jurgen Appelo's Management 3.0, Google's Aristotle Project, and Deming's Cycle. By combining these principles with a deep understanding of your team's unique context, we create customized solutions that drive lasting results.

Why Choose Me

Proven Track Record: With a history of successful engagements, I've helped teams achieve outstanding results, such as improving communication in the team, increasing throughput, reducing cycle times, and delivering more value to their organizations.
Personalized Solutions: I take the time to understand your team's unique challenges and goals, crafting tailored strategies that address your specific needs and objectives.
Metrics Based Approach: I work closely with teams to establish clear goals, objectives, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with the organization's overall vision and mission.
Using latest AI toolset to foster business intelligence, efficiency and creativity. I’m the CEO of - a conversational intelligence deep insights platform for remote teams

Ready to transform your team's performance and unlock their full potential? Contact me, Andy Dobrucki, at Synesthesia Solutions today to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals. Let's create a symphony of success for your team!

Contact Me

Drop me an E-mail or directly schedule a so I can better understand your needs and expectations.

Andy Dobrucki

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