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Marius Øgård profile picture
Marius Øgård Chief Technology Officer at Captiva Asset Management
Andy joined to help our team transition from a small individual team, to a larger collaborative SW-team. He introduced several good changes to help this transition that also boosted our operational efficiency and team engagement.
Andy's introduction of retrospectives and a few other practices has not only fostered a culture of continuous improvement but has also driven us towards delivering faster and more reliable software products. He is a very likeable person that knows how to engage and encourage a good collaborative environment.
Magnus Kjelstrup Nymo profile picture
Magnus Kjelstrup Nymo Software Developer at Captiva Digital
Andy has been pivotal to help us in the development team to structure our day to day work, as well as helping us transition from a "small team" mindset over to a proper dev team setup. He is easy to work with, has solid leadership skills, and I would be happy to see him back on our team one day!

Andrey Lebedev profile picture
Andrey Lebedev ​Development Team Leader (Senior Developer) at DevAdmin
Andrzej is a great team builder, scrum master, meetings facilitator, processes manger and team performance booster. For last year he strongly re-organised our processes around distributed scrum teams, tuned sprint's metrics, added more clarity and our work now more meaningful and predictable. He can easy find a solution to any problem with his skills and humor. If by some reason you want to organise work of your team in professional way i'm highly recommending to ask Andrzej! And to celebrate your success, he can make a great DJ party ;)
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