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Synesthesia Solutions
Synesthesia Solutions

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Past Engagements

I work on 3-18 months contracts to keep in touch with teams worldwide while working on my own AI-based team insights solution called . In my previous engagements, I have successfully led various transformations and improvements. Most recent long-term engagements
(2020-2022) Worked with multiple self-sustaining teams in the MakerDAO Ecosystem - spanning from Protocol Engineering to MakerDAO Oracles Team, I improved their planning and delivery capabilities by introducing effective Scrum practices and enhancing collaboration within the team. Also facilitated Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling team lifetime with multi-layered OKR framework and day to day operational focus.
(2018-2019) With the GoodMonday Team in Denmark, I helped increase throughput and cycle time by streamlining their processes and implementing Lean methodologies.
(2016-2017) At Crossover for Work, we achieved a 150% increase in deliverables by refining the team's workflow, optimizing communication, and focusing on high-impact tasks.
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